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Medical courier service.

When we first opened our doors we focused primarily on providing service to banks.  We’d pickup customer deposits, inter-office mail, and the proof work to the Federal Reserve on a daily basis. This was 99% of our business. Over the past couple years as we’ve branched out to a variety of other areas but still similar in scope.

5 years ago, we made a conscious effort to expand more into the medical field. We reached out to other companies to explore how they provided services in their markets.  We met with medical groups in our area to see what needs weren’t being met with the way current courier companies were providing service.  We found that a majority of courier services don’t take any extra care of the medical field.  We made it our goal to fix this.  Our couriers receive training in how to handle and transport biological and hazardous materials and specimens, to maintain strict HIPAA compliance, and do so in a timely manner.  We understand that it is someone’s life and well-being that we are transporting.

We look forward to continuing our expansion in to this area.  Allowing both current providers and patients peace of mind in knowing that their information is being transported securely and appropriately, and helping us provide the same service to future partner providers.

Webhost and website issues.

Monday morning our host provider deleted our website. No notice, nothing.  In discussing the issue with them they decided we must have done it ourselves.  We had no access to the actual host server, so not likely.  We’ve made it a point to use local businesses as vendors, but with the string of issues we’ve had recently we’ve decided to move on.

We decided since we needed to changes hosts, we’d rebuild from scratch.  While the website will be rough for a short time, we’re back up and running.  We’ve added SSL and other security improvements, and will be rolling our a better customer portal soon. is dead. Long live!

Thank you to all of our valued customers, and our awesome couriers for all your patience.