About Us

Courier Northwest Inc. opened it’s doors in March of 1997.  As President of our company, I have spent over 25 years in the transportation and distribution industry.  In the past I have seen a great need in the marketplace for a courier service that does business the old fashioned way with quality, integrity, and professionalism.

After thoroughly studying out competition and what they have to offer the business community, I am confident that our company has a competitive advantage and so do our clients.  Care is taken in hiring and training each courier to provide our clients with professional and personalized service.


Jim Wood:  Owner and President of Courier Northwest.  Founded the company in 1997 and is active in the daily operations interacting with customers and couriers.

Ken Johns: Operations Manager.  Started with Courier Northwest in 2000 as a courier.  Now he assists clients and couriers with scheduling, dispatching, and quality control.

Rod Ashmore: Sales Manager.  Started with Courier Northwest in 2010 as a courier.  He now assists clients in getting the service they need with the professionalism they deserve.